Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

World Political News

In today’s world, everything is changing its color and status consistently and, politics is one such field which is changing in each second. Also, if politics is
changing each second, it becomes necessary for individuals to be updated about it every moment.

Just like interpreting, translation is a complicated procedure. In any case, the way that you can speak the language does not mean you can translate something
skillfully. There are a lot of sectors in the world that had been lost in interpretation. Becoming lost in translation can be dangerous and may cause a lot of

Some examples of getting lost in interpretation pulled down the credibility and the excellent image of a political leader. Regularly, being lost in translation
about the politics happens during an election or a political campaign. Lines or speeches of politicians are regularly lost in translation. However, those speeches
are funny, and some are incredibly humiliating.

One of the funny cases about politicians who were lost in interpretation was to do with French political leader Rachida Dati who made a speech on the radio,
yet her statement was full of criticism. Sadly, she seemed to be confused between oral sex and inflation and used the word fellatio rather than inflation. The
former justice minister apologized on her Facebook account immediately after the comical incident.

The Italian leader, Silvio Berlusconi lost his face when he presented a cumbersome and funny translation about his ministries’ biographies. The interpretation of
the biographies was posted on government site. However, Berlusconi portrayed his spokesperson as an ”megaphone”, one of his ministries as a graduate of the
University of ”Mouthfuls”, and a professor as a ”walnut”. Furthermore, he described his community political minister as having ”graduated himself”, and
through the assistance of Prof Augusto of the ”walnut”. Walnut is the literal interpretation of the name of their professor called Prof Augusto Della Noce.
Sarah Palin Mania. The former Vice-President candidate has become the most visible Republican in the nation. Since 2009, Sarah Palin has refined her ability
to create media attention and popularity and has become impressive political clout. She made headline both positively and negatively and comes just second to
Obama for being the most followed American government official today.

In the United States, they have this idea for businesspeople and government official to decide first the culture and custom of their visitors to avoid
uncomfortable scenes, critics, and issues. Once the Indonesian Information Minister found it was embarrassing when the U.S first lady shook his hand. In
Muslim custom, men are prohibited from touching any lady, regardless of whether it is merely shaking their hands, who are not relatives. Moreover, the video
caused criticism in Muslim countries especially because the minister was seen in the video, smiling sweetly after shaking the hand of the U.S first lady. Also,
one U.S writer posted something on the label of the video along the lines of ”the cutest political sex scandal ever.”

News that has a connection with politics is without a doubt an indispensable resource for the spread of political thoughts. It plays an important role as far as it is