Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The whole truth about the penis

Many men think their penis is too small, some techniques can lengthen it, and researchers have already successfully bred it in the lab – facts about the penis. When it comes to the penis, size plays the most important role for most men. The world’s longest specimen is said to measure more than 45 centimeters. The smallest in the world, on the other hand, does not appear in any statistics. It is probably less than 2.5 centimetres short, which is the limit above which we speak of a micropenis.

Every second man thinks his penis is too small.
Many men fear that their limb is too small. “In my experience, every second man is convinced of this,” reports Frank Sommer, head of the world’s first chair for men’s health. Usually this fear is unfounded. A false perspective – when the man looks down on his penis from above – makes him appear smaller than he really is.

Many myths about the penis

But even if it is normally about seven centimetres tall in an unattached state, men often want a more stately one. The penis is a symbol of strength, masculinity and potency. In addition to many misconceptions such as the right size, there are many myths about the penis. However, there are a number of facts that apply at least in most cases.

The bare numbers

Length and girth – penis measurements are important for “felt masculinity” not only in youth. The length is measured from the root of the penis to the tip of the glans, the circumference in the middle of the penis shaft. Statistics: The penis is about 7.3 centimeters long in the flaccid state, 15.4 centimeters in the erect state. Its circumference measures 7.6 centimetres relaxed and excites 11.1 centimetres. However, these averages only apply to white Europeans. There are ethnic differences in penis size.

The penis size in the unerect state says little about the dimensions it reaches during an erection. For example, a small penis can gain massively in length and girth during arousal, while a large penis can gain only little. “There are big differences between flaccid and erect,” Frank Sommer sums up. And when erect, the small and large specimens may reach the same size.

Cylinder, flacon or cone shape

The shape of the erect penis can also differ. “Most men have a so-called bottle penis, in which the glans are thicker than the shaft,” explains sexuality expert Frank Sommer. About one third of men have a cylindrical penis, which measures the same circumference from the root of the penis to the glans. The conical shape, where the penis root is thicker than the glans, affects few men.

Large nose and hands …

“Like a man’s nose, so his Johannes” is a proverb. Also the size of the hands should allow conclusions whether the penis corresponds rather to the size class S, M, L or XL. “That’s not true”, Frank Sommer makes clear. Several studies have shown that there are no parallels between the size of hands or nose and the penis.

Ethnic differences

One thing is certain: all over the world, in every ethnic group, there are men with large penises and men with small penises. However, the average length actually depends on ethnicity. A WHO study shows that Africans have a larger penis than Western Europeans and North Americans. Small specimens are particularly common among Asians. Frank Sommer: “However, the length of the penis also varies extremely within an ethnic group – almost as much as between the individual breeds themselves”.

The longer, the better?

Apart from the fact that penis length can play a role in self-confidence among young men, quantity is not necessarily equal to quality in this area either. “The size of the penis says nothing about sexual performance,” Frank Sommer explains. For a long penis it is often more difficult to build up a sufficient erection to penetrate the vagina. A small penis is often more stable and therefore more satisfying for the woman than a long one, which is not sufficiently hard due to its size. And when it comes to fertility, both have the same chances.

Extend on the stretching bench

Anyone who nevertheless relies on the effect of a long penis hopes for different measures. For example, stretching machines are used to make small specimens big. Studies have investigated this, for example by Paolo Gontero from the University of Turin. “Giovani M. Colpi and his colleagues from Milan University Hospital also tested the effectiveness of a penis stretcher,” reports Frank Sommer. Or you could use one of the following cremes. There are other creme si pastile that garantee a bigger penis.

Wearing a penis stretcher for six hours a day

Although the device actually gave its users just under two to a good three centimeters more length, the effort was great. The penis had to be stretched for six hours a day for four months. “In addition, this pulls the internal structures of the penis apart in such a way that erectile dysfunction can occur,” the expert describes the disadvantage of the method.