Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Philippine President refers to God as “Stupid”, causes Stir to Catholics

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines made a huge controversy recently as he called God “stupid”, and a much sensitive and appalling phrase, “Son of a Bitch”.

It was all over the news, both in the Philippines and around the world. Duterte made a speech in front of the Filipino citizens mocking the Catholic church’s teachings and beliefs.

The President asked the people about their “stupid God”. He even added the phrase “Son of a Bitch”, and questioned the Bible, Catholic beliefs, creation and a lot more.

The Philippines is a nation with a big Catholic population. The statement that the President disheartened a lot of his constituents. The Catholic church was dismayed and made a statement to the public regarding the issue.

. Philippine Archbishop Socrates Villegas faced the media and have spoken on behalf of the Catholic church. He mentioned the Clery’s dismay and disappointed over Duterte’s words. He expressed his sentiments about the president’s insulting remarks against God. Bishop Arturo Bastes called Duterte a “psychopath” and “psychological freak” and does not deserve the highest position in the country.

Since the Philippines’ Catholic population is 80%, more tirades, criticism and negative feedbacks bombarded Duterte. Some even called him “the antichrist.” It is really alarming to hear the statement that the president has thrown upon God. But this is not the first time that he made such nasty words in public.

In 2015, Pope Francis visited the Philippines and caused traffic jams on main streets. President Duterte then called the Pope “Son of a bitch” and wanted him to “go home’ and never return to the country again.

Another incident happened in 2016 when he called the Philippine Catholic Bishops “sons of whores” when the bishops disapprove of his campaign.

That same year, it will also be recalled that Duterte talked to the press and left a message for then US President Obama that he should “go to hell”.

The outspoken and tactless Philippine President was known internationally as a drug-busting leader. He made orders to capture and kill drug pushers all over the nation. This governance makes sense though, as to eradicate drugs and its negative effects on people, but the Catholic church openly opposes to the killings, and this is the reason why Duterte and the church have this ongoing feud. The church questions the extrajudicial killings of a thousand people, and Duterte was firm on his decision to go on with it, since he said, his order is to execute criminals and drug sellers, and not take innocent lives.

But Duterte’s latest tirade, this time, against God, is too much. He can curse the clergy, the world leaders, and even the church. But this act against God, this is unacceptable. Whoever is reading this, no matter what religion you are, you might agree that publicly denouncing God is
a deviant and a peculiar act. Outraged Filipinos posted their sentiments in their social media accounts. On Facebook, the quotation, “My God is not Stupid”, was seen everywhere. Users posted this to dishonor the president’s statements.