Write For Us

Skewed News is looking for content. Because we’re a broke-ass start-up, we pay shit. Because we’re not Arianna Huffington, and we think people should be paid for working what with this whole emancipation thing and all, we do pay — and we’re planning to pay more if this works out the way we think it might.

We’re looking for insanely smart, hilarious people. If you are kinda funny, or you’re not so smart that you have trouble finding and keeping gainful employment, do us both a favor and go work for some corporation that’ll outsource your job in a year or two.

The kind of insanely smart, hilarious people we are interested in follow the news relentlessly. Every day. Sometimes in print, even. Read books!

Specifically, we need: short-form writers, long-form writers, cartoonists, illustrators, photographers, video artists, talking heads and whatnot to satirize current events and the morons in charge of them.