Hey Democrats: It’s OK to be Apathetic. Hillary Has Already Won

ted-rall-aaron-la-times102694294-472283274.530x298Skewed News — 

It’s over.

Hillary has won the Democratic nomination for president.

Before a single Iowa caucusgoer or New Hampshire voter or any American voter all weighed in, she has it all wrapped up.

It doesn’t matter how many Democrats “feel the Bern” — despite the tens of thousands of young people filling sports arenas all over the country because they’re excited about the socialist senator from Vermont’s message that it’s time for a “political revolution” that prioritizes working people and takes back the wealth getting sucked out of the economy by the “billionaire class.”

The die is cast.

The game is fixed.

Blame it on the superdelegates. “Superdelegates are convention delegates who can support any candidate, no matter whom voters choose in the primaries and caucuses. They are members of Congress and other elected officials, party leaders and members of the Democratic National Committee,” explains the Associated Press.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton has locked up public support from half of the Democratic insiders who will cast ballots at the party’s national convention, giving her a big head start in securing the nomination more than two months before primary voters start going to the polls. “The 712 superdelegates make up about 30 percent of the 2,382 delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination.”

Of the 80% of superdelegates willing to fess up their affiliation, 359 support Clinton. Eight plan to vote for Bernie Sanders and two for Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor who made a splash at Saturday’s Democratic debate. Two hundred ten say they’re uncommitted.

This gives Clinton “a big head start in securing the nomination more than two months before primary voters start going to the polls,” says the AP. “Clinton’s margin over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is especially notable because most of the people known as superdelegates don’t usually back candidates so early in the race.”

Nate Silver’s 538 political analysis blog currently gives Sanders a 13% chance of taking the Democratic nomination.

Could Sanders still win? That depends on how much you’re willing to bet on 13%. Lots of things have happened to you with far longer odds: being the one car in a cluster of automobiles driving the same velocity to get singled out by a cop for a speeding ticket probably beat those odds by a lot. On the other hand, would you invest $1000 in a stock with a 13% chance of going up and a 87% chance of dropping in value? Probably not.

Given the dutiful, less than thrilling support among Hillary’s Democrats versus the energized progressives backing Bernie, it might be time to rethink the superdelegate system, or abolish it entirely in favor of a more small-d democratic one — you know, in which every vote counts equally. Despite conventional wisdom that says staid moderates stand a better chance in the general election against the Republicans, opting for the “safe” choice often leads to electoral disaster. In 2004 John Kerry didn’t prove a better candidate than Howard Dean.

The Sanders vs. Clinton race recalls 1980, when Ted Kennedy challenged incumbent Jimmy Carter, only to be defeated by arcane delegate rule changes jammed through by DNC bosses. Liberals disgruntled by Carter’s centrist policies sat on their hands in the fall, contributing to the party’s defeat to Ronald Reagan.

True, Bernie Sanders might win. Hillary could fall ill. She could find herself embroiled in a scandal; she is a Clinton, after all. But why should he, or any other party “outsider,” begin his fight for the nomination 359 delegates in the hole?

Democrats like to say they’re the party of the people. Maybe they should let the people choose their president.

For Skewed News, I’m Ted Rall.



  1. Donald Williams says:

    It ain’t over ’till it’s over. Should Hillary get the nomination (hopefully NOT), Bernie should consider running as a 3rd-Party candidate. Can we revitalize the Progressive Party?

  2. Ironically, the GOP’s primary process is more democratic. If I recall correctly, the DNC reformed an earlier “smoke filled room” nomination process to give the primaries more clout. Apparently there was backlash when Democratic voters wanted to nominate Ted Kennedy over the incumbent (and apparently incompetent) Jimmy Carter.

  3. I think our democracy is holding on by old & weathered string. The way corporations now write our laws when it was considered treason to allow corporations & government to be in cahoots makes me mourn our dying democracy. If Bernie doesn’t win this, I fear Hillary could lose & just imagine the unholy hell that will happen if we get a Republican’t president… Being a disabled Mom, I am scared to death over Repu Lucian threats to cut disability by 25% next year, so they can continue giving more breaks for the rich, who fill their bank accounts. The greed in this country has gone unchecked for some time. For ANY bank, laundering money for drug cartels & terrorist organizations (HSBC-not sure of exact name but I think this is right), admitting it and NOBODY ARRESTED- THE BANK STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS… Unfreakinbelievable! If it was an everyday person, walking down the street, smoking a joint, their life as they know it will be destroyed by the insane private prison system who are also in cahoots with goats.& corps. SO wrong!

    Bernie is our last hope for a genuine fight to get our rights back. The tøp wealthiest 400+ families get 95% of ALL NEW INCOME & they’ve been quoted as saying they want more! Damned Koch brothers are enemies of the people. I live in Wake County. This is the county where the documentary Koch Brothers Exposed showed how they spent 22 million dollars to screw up Wake County Schools, starting a school to prison pipeline over unbelievably ridiculous reasons, harming these children most at risk for having a bad life TO NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN! It use to be ALL wage classes were rising. Not since Ronald Reagan gave 3 TRILLION DOLLAR TAX CUT TO THE RICH & started cutting many very important programs, like mental health facilities. We HAD a great county mental health agency that helped with therapy & meds, but thanks to Ronnie Raygun, all that went away. Now, the mentally ill and emotionally hurting people end up in jail instead of getting the necessary treatment, making their illness worse, causing suicide rates to skyrocket. We are NOT NUMBER ONE!!! Only in military spending & the amount of prisoners we have on avg.is number 1. Our infrastructure, healthcare and healthcare outcomes (earlier death rate here), we have gotten bat shit crazy as a nation. Just like Rome & England fell, so will we. I hope they do NOT cut our small disability checks that make it barely possible to live on. BERNIE SANDERS 2016!!! Please vote!!!

  4. *Repu Lucian…!! Auto correct mistake!

  5. “Given the dutiful, less than thrilling support among Hillary’s Democrats versus the energized progressives backing Bernie,”

    In the small-d democratic system, it’s not the fervour of the dogs but their quantity. Do “energized progressives” outnumber “Hillary’s Democrats”? Or do they simply outshout them?

  6. The Democratic Party of the United States, like the Republicans, is a private club. They have every right to empower a group of full-time interested members who enforce a form of orthodoxy in regard to those candidates it allows to wear their brand.

    That having been said, I believe 2016 is the exception that might make one question the system Senator Clinton, using the force of large donors and past forged political connections, has tried to create — a machine with an aura of inevitability in order to frighten off potential challengers and roll over those with the temerity to actually challenge her campaign.

    Senator Sanders is an insurgent who no one currently in positions of power and influence wants to be successful. He is a threat to big business, the gun manufacturers, the large banking interests, the “mainstream” media, and the elite in general. Senator Clinton is now the favorite of both parties because of the experience of the past 7 years. They believe she will be a willing participant in the Kabuki Theatre that has become American Democratic governance.

    She will come in with an agenda that will be effectively blocked. Like her husband, she will take half a loaf in order to move forward, but half measures cannot move the prow of the ship of state fast enough to avoid the icebergs ahead. The government has moved so far to the right of the American people and those who pay attention feel so powerless that Hillary will be another effective tool for the right wing and the billionaires.

    The Democrats will defend her policies, those who try to criticize her will be pilloried as anti-female bullies, and her policies will advance the cause of the 158 families contributing $2.5 billion to the 2016 presidential race. Without Bernie, all is lost. Without the populist fervor, similar to that foolishly squandered by President Obama because he is not a Progressive, America cannot reverse the gains made by the dark forces since the presidency of Ronald Reagan. We desperately need that political revolution.

  7. How is Sanders a threat to gun manufacturers?

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