Now California has a Logic Drought

SkewedNews – It’s now mandatory in California that children get vaccinations, whatever vaccinations the state and the local school board leaders say they must get. There are no exemptions other than doctor-approved medical exemptions — the kind that are next to impossible to get.

A measles outbreak among children in Disneyland during the Winter of 2014 – 2015 sparked the passage of California’s law, which is sure to be replicated in at least some other states.

californiaThe fanatical religious freaks are going crazy over this latest state government anti-parents move, pointing fingers and handing out blame in abundance. They’re enervated by the power grab.They’re expressing fear for the children. They say that injustice has been served up on the bread of stupidity and things have got to change.

I am, of course, referring to the high priests of government and its worshipers.

When the lovers of government say that religion ought to have no place in policies or attitudes about vaccinations, they just mean other religions. You know, like Baptists saying that Catholics, Muslims, Jews not born anew, zen masters and neo-pagans are going straight to Hell.

Why, of course religion is “meaningless” in socio-political or government decisions. Just observe the Greeks and their worship of socialist democracy. Meaningless!

Has anyone who believes in this latest state power grab stopped to check into evidence and facts regarding measles and the measles outbreak — such as the fact that all of the infected children made rather swift and complete recoveries (which the media messiahs ignored), or the fact that the outbreak in Disneyland was traced to a traveler from the Philippines where there isn’t any significant anti-vaccine sentiment going on? Consider this:

“Measles has been trending down, but in the past year it has spiked in the U.S. in spite of the trend of non-vaccination dropping a bit. Measles outbreaks have been happening all over the world in the past year, especially where there is no significant increase of anti-vaccination trends (Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines and several countries in Europe). It’s up in California which likely is accounted for by the fact that there is so much travel in California from abroad. The 2013 case in Oregon? That was a traveler too, who had been in and out of international airports before contracting the disease.”

If science, rather than religion, were backing the Reverend Moonbeam’s fanatical decision about mandatory vaccination — which throws open wide the doors to the temple for Big Pharma and small-brained bureaucrats to come traipsing in and insisting upon mandatory, miraculous vaccinations for squirrel fever, flea-borne Ebola, and who knows what other medical fears — then the following considerations would be taken as at least being possibilities:

  • Measles vaccinations don’t always prevent the vaccinated from getting the measles, while at the same time they may actually cause it or make people more susceptible to it, or bring about other health complications (as very well may a lot of other vaccines).
  • A new strain of measles has emerged, one which our vaccine doesn’t prevent — kind of like the one that the measles vaccine created in 1963 actually engendered. (The severe disease known as “atypical measles”.)
  • Measles vaccines are bullshit.
  • It takes more than a measles vaccine to prevent the measles.

All of these real possibilities are ferociously ignored, dismissed with the magical words “the science is clear” (you know, reminiscent of “the science is settled”). But when Reverend Moonbeam said “the science is clear”, what he meant as he bullied from his pulpit was “the theology is clear” or perhaps “the holy scriptures are clear.”

Perhaps Moonbeam had in mind the gospel corpus handed down by that high priestly body called CDC. Consider this:

“In 2014, 644 cases of measles were reported in the US. Where is the proof that these cases occurred in unvaccinated children? Back to the CDC’s history of lying about disease, in order to promote vaccines.”

Our tale of sacred vaccinations even features an olden god — Panreceiving tithes.

Oh yes, minions, California state senator and co-sponsor of Senate Bill 277, Richard Pan (who calls himself a “doctor”) has (along with Big Pharma and Big Healthcare) been practicing that old time religion: Big Money. Records show that, last we knew (years 2009 to 2012), Pan received:

  • $66,957 from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • $35,649 from hospitals and nursing homes.
  • $48,649 from the “health services” industry.
  • $266,975 from people labeled “health professionals”.

Of course, none of that money influenced his decisions as a member of the government. That’s why it was given to him — so as to have no influence. As the old saying goes, “It ain’t nothin’ but a tithing!”

In the United States, who else but religious fanatics would knowingly and deliberately, in a frenzy of sinister theocratic dictates, violate citizen parents’ Bill of Rights with a bill like SB 277? If the state is repulsed by the idea of people making choices about vaccination on religious grounds, then why does it believe that it can do it?

Because your Big Brother is Jesus H. Christ on a Bike, that’s why! And here he comes with salvific needles for your children. Accept them…or you and your children shall face the Hell of excommunication from public school, and the finger-wagging of your Nanny and that pediatrician of yours who’s losing money on you.

It’s that old time religion…

For SkewedNews, I’m Brant David

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons

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