A Religious Nut Weighs in on Josh Duggar

harmonheadSkewed News — I’ve never seen the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting. Nor would I ever have any reason to tune into this television-low-hanging fruit. Here’s a summary of one episode: “The Duggars visit an ostrich farm and get to bring home a family-sized treat as a special souvenir.” See what I mean?

The only reason I know about 19 Kids and Counting, is because one of the show’s stars, Josh Duggar, had recently admitted to molesting five children — including four of his sisters. 19 Kids and Counting has been on TV for 10 seasons; you’d almost think this disclosure was the show’s way of jumping the shark, but TLC instead pulled the plug on what I can assume was a shitty show anyway. (You’d think that a Season 11 would actually be the most interesting of them all — and really awkward.)

The Duggar parents knew about their son’s molestation proclivities a long time ago. They responded by sending him to a Christian program for therapy. They said thought they could wane him from his ways of molesting young girls by making him pray to a big invisible magic man in the sky. Perhaps, in retrospect, the Duggars should have sent young Josh to a real, actual therapist – rather than trying to find psychological answers in a book of fiction called “The Bible.”

Let’s jump ahead. Have you heard of Wretched TV? Neither have I. WTV is a counterpart to Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master ministry. The video channel is kind of like FOXNews, if FOXNews decided to be not as liberal as they are. (My ironic point: It’s very conservative.) What I’m getting at is, Wretched TV is Bible-banging right-wing politics that hasn’t looked at its calendar to see that the year is 2015.

A comedian friend of mine sent me a link to the site. He knew the host of a show who was formerly a hack standup comedian – who found Jesus, became born-again, and now is like a smarmy low-end Glenn Beck; without the charm. See my point:

Example of comment on one of his YouTube video: “Who is this annoying fuck Glen Beck wannabe asshole?”

So this conservative host, Todd Friel, had a unique take on the Duggar situation that went against what sane people in the mainstream world would think:

“I’d like to bring to our attention one subject and one subject only, and that is The Gospel,” he said, building up to his Duggar statements. “We have a Gospel famine in the land. And those groups of people are unbelievers and believers.   The unbelieving world doesn’t get the Gospel. They don’t understand Verse Corinthian 6 9-11.” He then lists such atypical sinners; such as those damn gays. And then: “Josh was a hounddog. He was a teenaged boy who did perverted things,” he said with building momentum. “He repents to his parents; he confesses his sins. It would appear at that time he got saved and he never did those things again.”

Friel could argue the same moonman-logic with Bill Cosby; all is forgiven with a glass of fine wine and some Jesus.

“The world calls it hypocrisy,” Friel continued and then proclaimed that your love for Jesus is a “get out of jail free” card. “I call it The Gospel! It takes dirty vile people and it forgives them and it changes them.”

Friel then said the rest of the world is outraged at the Duggar situation; meaning non-fundamentalist conservative Bible-banger: “They don’t understand The Gospel. And that to me is one of the big disasters of the Duggar story. But the other disaster is the church.” Growing anger: “They’re not remembering the Gospel and they are treating him like he’s an outcast and he’s not an outcast.” More: “I’m saddened that the church is forgetting the Gospel as we consider the Josh Duggar situation.”

And then: “The secular world is a world I don’t want to live in. They’re not nice. It’s not a forgiving world and it’s not a kind world outside of the Christian church.

Friel goes on to say if you have same-sex attractions, God will forgive you too – in the same way that God will forgive Josh Duggar. So what he’s saying is homosexuals are in the same category as people who molest children.

Well played.

He then segues into being confused on how to refer to Caitlin Jenner and what parents should tell their children. Apparently, according to Friel, it’s better to molest your sisters than feeling like you’re born the wrong sex – which is a straight trip to Hell. I guess that’s the definition of hypocrisy.

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