Thu. Jan 27th, 2022


Our Mother Nature Needs more Environmental Services

Our lives have been made easier by the innovation we have now because of our incredible intelligence. We all work hard to have a decent living and appreciate
all the things around us. Having a right house full of accessories is the most comfortable thing for us because all we have to do is to relax and live life to the
fullest. We can even go to beautiful places regardless of how far it is from our homes because of various modes of transport that have been had created.
Our lives have been made easier by the new technology we have now because of our great intelligence. We all work hard to have a good experience and enjoy
all the things we can have. Having huge houses full of appliances is the most comfortable thing for us because with it all we have to do is to relax and live the
life to the fullest. We can even go to beautiful places no matter how far it is from our homes because of different ways transportation that we had invented.
Humans are indeed the most intelligent being in this world that deserves to have the best way of living this life.

The new innovation has changed our lifestyle as our ways of transportations. We can travel by land, sea or air depending on what we like and what we can
afford. Appliances have also been invented to give ease in our daily works at home and work. We even have enough time to spend with our family as having a
good time with them in the most beautiful places. On the other hand, more damaging disasters are occurring because of the effects of the new technology on
nature. Some of it has marked in our memories like the tsunami in Thailand and recently the earthquake in Haiti. These things should give us some clue to
realize what we would do prevent more calamities from happening.

Watching the news, listening to radios and reading blogs online can give us the truth about what is occurring in other states. We have seen the dramatic impact
of disasters that have made us realize on how to help victims. But, what we should think mainly is on how we can help in preventing such things from
happening since we don’t know our families can be victims also. One thing we can do is to join a few organizations that promote green and healthy environment
by doing activities related to giving environmental service to nature.

We are grateful that we have a heart that makes us assist others and we should also worry over nature. Truly our mother nature is calling for our help in
retaining its beauty and prevent more destruction from happening. We have ignored some rules and this causes a lot of damages to our environment. A few of
us practice illegal logging and dynamite fishing which has resulted in polluting our environment. Companies and workers have disobeyed proper waste disposal
that prompts a spill to occur in a few areas. These practices have not quite recently destructed nature but as well as our future.

We should act now and cooperate with others to prevent more tremendous things from happening because who knows if another disaster occurs it will cause
more destruction. Let our children enjoy and appreciate the best in our planet by holding the real beauty of the world through the natural services we give. There
are many things in the world to be appreciative of, and thus we should take great care of it.

Flat Earth: Real or an Internet Meme?

In today’s world, our scientific discoveries are at a peak. We know more now than we ever did and have been discovering answers to questions we didn’t know
we had. So, with all of these amazing and new discoveries, people being less open to these possibilities isn’t a surprise. Many don’t like a change to happen, even
if said change doesn’t really change the way they live their life. An example is how upset people got when NASA declared that Pluto was no longer a planet. So
many people took to the internet when this happened in 2006, and that made sense because for as long as these Pluto fanatics were alive, the space rock was
considered a planet.

In 2018, we have another conspiracy with space that has been discussed since Pythagoras in 500 B.C. Ancient Greece. That’s how long people have struggled
with the idea of a spherical Earth. As I said previously, we are at the peak of scientific discoveries and have had people in space. There are photographs of the
Earth that proves it to be round. We are in the 21st century and people still think the world is flat.

It’s so crazy to think that there are people who still try to discredit NASA, a heavily funded organization ran by literal rocket scientists. Flat-Earthers, as they are
known, take to the internet with Facebook pages and Twitter rants trying to make their case to others who don’t care and laugh at their idiotic posts. With almost
nothing to really back them up beside out-dated discoveries. And by “out-dated”, I mean several hundred years out-dated. I can’t tell if they’re better or worse
than anti-vaxxers, whose only real claim was a study with results since proven to be fake. At least the Flat-Earthers aren’t putting others at risk with their

Average people can’t really change these believers minds and there really isn’t any harm in their beliefs. It’s just so strange to think that even though theories
that were proven false in ancient Greece, there are people who will still believe them. I’ve tried to get inside the minds of Flat-Earthers to really see where
they’re coming from and why such a crazy ideal would make any sense to them and the only real reason I could come up with was a distrust in the government.
NASA, which is where many of the photographs of Earth proving that is indeed round, is a government-funded organization. Th entire idea of people not
wanting to believe a simple, largely accepted fact for the sole purpose to distrust the government is crazy, but I don’t want to get political.

Some Flat-Earthers may just be playing along with the ideas of true believers of the theory for a laugh or pretending to be one for a few seconds of online
popularity, but there are still countless other believers who will argue their side until everyone agrees with them. It’s a strange world we live in and maybe the
strangeness is what makes our world livable.