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The whole truth about the penis

Many men think their penis is too small, some techniques can lengthen it, and researchers have already successfully bred it in the lab – facts about the penis. When it comes to the penis, size plays the most important role for most men. The world’s longest specimen is said to measure more than 45 centimeters. The smallest in the world, on the other hand, does not appear in any statistics. It is probably less than 2.5 centimetres short, which is the limit above which we speak of a micropenis.

Every second man thinks his penis is too small.
Many men fear that their limb is too small. “In my experience, every second man is convinced of this,” reports Frank Sommer, head of the world’s first chair for men’s health. Usually this fear is unfounded. A false perspective – when the man looks down on his penis from above – makes him appear smaller than he really is.

Many myths about the penis

But even if it is normally about seven centimetres tall in an unattached state, men often want a more stately one. The penis is a symbol of strength, masculinity and potency. In addition to many misconceptions such as the right size, there are many myths about the penis. However, there are a number of facts that apply at least in most cases.

The bare numbers

Length and girth – penis measurements are important for “felt masculinity” not only in youth. The length is measured from the root of the penis to the tip of the glans, the circumference in the middle of the penis shaft. Statistics: The penis is about 7.3 centimeters long in the flaccid state, 15.4 centimeters in the erect state. Its circumference measures 7.6 centimetres relaxed and excites 11.1 centimetres. However, these averages only apply to white Europeans. There are ethnic differences in penis size.

The penis size in the unerect state says little about the dimensions it reaches during an erection. For example, a small penis can gain massively in length and girth during arousal, while a large penis can gain only little. “There are big differences between flaccid and erect,” Frank Sommer sums up. And when erect, the small and large specimens may reach the same size.

Cylinder, flacon or cone shape

The shape of the erect penis can also differ. “Most men have a so-called bottle penis, in which the glans are thicker than the shaft,” explains sexuality expert Frank Sommer. About one third of men have a cylindrical penis, which measures the same circumference from the root of the penis to the glans. The conical shape, where the penis root is thicker than the glans, affects few men.

Large nose and hands …

“Like a man’s nose, so his Johannes” is a proverb. Also the size of the hands should allow conclusions whether the penis corresponds rather to the size class S, M, L or XL. “That’s not true”, Frank Sommer makes clear. Several studies have shown that there are no parallels between the size of hands or nose and the penis.

Ethnic differences

One thing is certain: all over the world, in every ethnic group, there are men with large penises and men with small penises. However, the average length actually depends on ethnicity. A WHO study shows that Africans have a larger penis than Western Europeans and North Americans. Small specimens are particularly common among Asians. Frank Sommer: “However, the length of the penis also varies extremely within an ethnic group – almost as much as between the individual breeds themselves”.

The longer, the better?

Apart from the fact that penis length can play a role in self-confidence among young men, quantity is not necessarily equal to quality in this area either. “The size of the penis says nothing about sexual performance,” Frank Sommer explains. For a long penis it is often more difficult to build up a sufficient erection to penetrate the vagina. A small penis is often more stable and therefore more satisfying for the woman than a long one, which is not sufficiently hard due to its size. And when it comes to fertility, both have the same chances.

Extend on the stretching bench

Anyone who nevertheless relies on the effect of a long penis hopes for different measures. For example, stretching machines are used to make small specimens big. Studies have investigated this, for example by Paolo Gontero from the University of Turin. “Giovani M. Colpi and his colleagues from Milan University Hospital also tested the effectiveness of a penis stretcher,” reports Frank Sommer. Or you could use one of the following cremes. There are other creme si pastile that garantee a bigger penis.

Wearing a penis stretcher for six hours a day

Although the device actually gave its users just under two to a good three centimeters more length, the effort was great. The penis had to be stretched for six hours a day for four months. “In addition, this pulls the internal structures of the penis apart in such a way that erectile dysfunction can occur,” the expert describes the disadvantage of the method.

skewed news about health

If you watch the news quite a bit there are a lot of reports out there that tell you things about your health and how to help it, but can actually hurt you more if you were to try these methods of keeping yourself healthier rather than actually doing what they say these new methods of keeping yourself healthy can do.

Many times these reports that you see on tv or you might hear about on the radio are often times overly exaggerated to the point that it might give you too much hope on how these new cures can help you and where they might actually be with the progress they’ve made on different kinds of cures out there. For these reasons alone, you need to be very mindful about all the things you hear about these different breakthroughs and how they can help you.

If you feel like something you hear is importantly related to any kind of problem that you might have then you need to be absolutely sure to check up on whatever it is that you hear about by going online and double and triple checking the facts of these new cures that you’ve heard about. You need to ask your doctor, as well as any other form of communications that you can find to be completely positive that you are getting 100% the truth about these cures that you’ve heard about.

You don’t want to get your hopes up with any of the news that you may have heard about only to be let down by the realities of what these new drugs, surgeries and so on can really do to you and your body.

Even your children face the dangers of misinformation on a daily basis when they go to school when it comes to the different treatments they are required to get and how these treatments can help them in their lives without much information on exactly how these very same treatments can also hurt them. They don’t really talk about any of the bad side effects that are caused by these treatments that are talked about or given out at school every single year to kids all across the world.

You as a someone that may have a condition or are a parent that is looking out for your child or for any other reason at all need to do all the investigating that you can on any and all of these treatments that you may one day have to get for yourself or for your child so that you can know every single little detail on what these medications or or forms of treatment can do to help you or harm you or if these various different treatments are even the real deal at all.

Your health is very important to you and everyone around you and this is why you need to stay on top of everything you hear about because it could be a matter of life and death.

Our Mother Nature Needs more Environmental Services

Our lives have been made easier by the innovation we have now because of our incredible intelligence. We all work hard to have a decent living and appreciate
all the things around us. Having a right house full of accessories is the most comfortable thing for us because all we have to do is to relax and live life to the
fullest. We can even go to beautiful places regardless of how far it is from our homes because of various modes of transport that have been had created.
Our lives have been made easier by the new technology we have now because of our great intelligence. We all work hard to have a good experience and enjoy
all the things we can have. Having huge houses full of appliances is the most comfortable thing for us because with it all we have to do is to relax and live the
life to the fullest. We can even go to beautiful places no matter how far it is from our homes because of different ways transportation that we had invented.
Humans are indeed the most intelligent being in this world that deserves to have the best way of living this life.

The new innovation has changed our lifestyle as our ways of transportations. We can travel by land, sea or air depending on what we like and what we can
afford. Appliances have also been invented to give ease in our daily works at home and work. We even have enough time to spend with our family as having a
good time with them in the most beautiful places. On the other hand, more damaging disasters are occurring because of the effects of the new technology on
nature. Some of it has marked in our memories like the tsunami in Thailand and recently the earthquake in Haiti. These things should give us some clue to
realize what we would do prevent more calamities from happening.

Watching the news, listening to radios and reading blogs online can give us the truth about what is occurring in other states. We have seen the dramatic impact
of disasters that have made us realize on how to help victims. But, what we should think mainly is on how we can help in preventing such things from
happening since we don’t know our families can be victims also. One thing we can do is to join a few organizations that promote green and healthy environment
by doing activities related to giving environmental service to nature.

We are grateful that we have a heart that makes us assist others and we should also worry over nature. Truly our mother nature is calling for our help in
retaining its beauty and prevent more destruction from happening. We have ignored some rules and this causes a lot of damages to our environment. A few of
us practice illegal logging and dynamite fishing which has resulted in polluting our environment. Companies and workers have disobeyed proper waste disposal
that prompts a spill to occur in a few areas. These practices have not quite recently destructed nature but as well as our future.

We should act now and cooperate with others to prevent more tremendous things from happening because who knows if another disaster occurs it will cause
more destruction. Let our children enjoy and appreciate the best in our planet by holding the real beauty of the world through the natural services we give. There
are many things in the world to be appreciative of, and thus we should take great care of it.

Current Religious Topics

This area of the world is seething. And it seems that there is no end in sight. Although the religious conflict is not the main cause of conflict, in any case, it is
at least a fundamental influence and foundation.

The Middle East region is a good example of why religious tolerance alone cannot reduce and reduce religious conflicts. On the contrary, it provides crucial
support for the Center’s approach and goes beyond tolerance to address this issue. For this reason, the world must, among other things, advance education to
convey the value of finding and highlighting these similarities of religions rather than accentuating differences. although they certainly exist.

Judaism against Islam

The conflict, in which the Jews were involved as a religious group in this part of the world, goes back more than 3000 years and is historically documented,
inter alia, in the Jewish and Christian Old Testament.

History shows that this conflict between these Semitic neighbors in the Middle East is at the center of overestimation of the religious differences between Islam
and Judaism. Although until the emergence of modern Israel as the Jewish nation in 1948, Jews, like many other religions, did not escape conflict and violence
around the world. Other sources, However, for the first time in centuries, the founding of Israel focuses on its conflict almost exclusively in the Middle East.
And the costs were high for both parties. After the 1948 war, more than 700,000 Jews from eight Arab countries were forced to flee their lives, plundered their
property and expropriated or destroyed their schools, hospitals, synagogues, and cemeteries. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been
expelled from their country after the founding of the State of Israel by the UN, or have tragically remained in miserable camps under the Quarantine support of
the United Nations and the Arab countries. Of all these countries, only one country, Jordan, has transferred citizenship to the Palestinians.

While many would argue that the Arab-Israeli last part of the 20th century and unstable and violent situation after wars in nature was not religious, it seems that
the emergence of these conflicts was. It is not uncommon for conflicts based on religion to lead their own lives. Although no major Arab-Israeli war has erupted
in the past decade, there are still tensions in the Middle East. This is especially true since the resumption of fighting between Israel and Palestine in 2000 and
2014. Nearly every day lives are lost, on one side or both, and billions of dollars are spent to support military institutions and their facilities otherwise focus on
the immediate and humanitarian needs of these peoples. For example, on the Jewish side, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that the Muslim intifada began in
2000 and cost Israel more than $ 2.4 billion in lost revenue between October 2000 and December 2001. In addition to the loss of tourism, a substantial one Part
of this money was lost to the number of Palestinian workers in Israel, which went from an average of 124,000 in the third quarter of 2000 to just 4,000 in the
last two quarters of 2001, increasing the loss of income on the Muslim side.

The Important Facts About Nutrition

What is nutrition? This indicates what we eat, drink and consume until our bodies remain healthy. Many people talk today about nutrition, because the
government has been involved in explaining what is necessary for good nutrition, and even making sure that the food we eat is safe. They also advise us about
unhealthy and unsafe things too!

However, personal responsibility is involved in nutrition. It is essential that everyone understands what they need to consume in order to be healthy and to know
what they are looking for in food so that they have the greatest nutritional value. Just looking for substances that have been “fortified” or claiming to be a “good
source” of vitamins, minerals, and other important elements will never be sufficient. So let’s talk more about nutrition and how it applies to the body and its
daily functions.

To take care of the body and keep it healthy means it will work as it should. These essential elements of food will be important in these jobs.
But how do you know if you are already nourished by the foods you eat? Of course, you have to understand your needs and your family’s needs, then take that
understanding a step further and allow it to shape your food purchases and decisions when it comes to eating.
If these decisions do not fully meet a person’s nutritional needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals, the supplement may be complementary. These can help
offset those elements that lack them.

It may take some time to learn everything you need to know about nutrition. There are many different elements in the body and others need more amounts than
others, and some may mean that only small amounts are necessary. What determines what you need versus what someone else needs? There is no hard and fast
rule or absolute formula you can follow. But there are some guidelines you can follow when it comes to gender, age, weight, level of physical activity, and so
on. In some cases, it might not be that one size fits all, but one size may be enough!

Of course, it can become more complicated when you realize that nutritional needs are different for everyone. Women and men have different needs, children
and adults have different needs, and so on. These needs may also change during one’s life as your lifestyle changes.

For example, someone with a particular condition, such as diabetes, will have different needs compared to someone without it. No doubt you understand how
difficult the subject of nutrition can be. But you can think about how your body works and what it needs to reach the cells of the body itself, and then
understand how these cells change as we get old, where our overall health changes, and so on. These functions will change and the requirements will change as
well. Remember that this is an individual approach and you need to think about it on an individual basis so you understand your needs and can also work to
meet these nutritional needs as well.

What should men do….well, to be more men? ;)

Sex is one of the major things in humans should make both participant comfortable when enjoying each other. At times to both men and women, penis
size may become an issue when it comes to sex. Hence penis enlargement has become a topic that we cannot run from in day today life. To all guys who wise to
increase their penis size to the day, we are going to look at both natural and medical ways of making sure your penis increase with some magical inches.
Normally a man should have an averagely 5 to the 6-inch penis, but these are not a standard measure because like any other body part it is mostly dictated by
one’s genres.

Here are some of the widely practiced ways in penis enlargement;


One way that most people may prefer to use in the attempt of making their penis larger is by use of pills. A lot of herbals expects have come up with herbal pills
to help men in increasing the penises.

2.Vacuum pumps.

For a man to attain fully erected penis blood circulation must be efficient into the penis. There has been the manufacture of vacuum pumps that manually draws
blood into the penis. Constant performance of these act makes the penis swell and hence increasing the penis size. Mostly this method is used where the is
erective dysfunction. Although this enlargement works in the enlargement of the penis, the process only lasts for a while, so the process is temporal.


There is an enlargement exercise called jelqing which is also mostly used for penis enlargement. In these exercises, the aspect of blood flow is applied. A hand
over hand motion to help blood flow from the bottom to the head of the penis is applied. It is believed repeatedly practice of this exercise will eventually help
you in increasing the size of your penis.


Although this method may seem hurtful, it’s also a fruitful method in penis enlargement. In this stretching, an extender device is attached at the head of the
penis and then left to suspend and hence to stretch to help in increasing the size of the penis. Some studies have shown that length increases with at least twice
or thrice an inch.


Surgery is one of the medical methods that you could use to enlarge your penis. Here just like a normal surgery is conducted and the add up some extra
substance to your penis to make it larger. This method although it’s medical its also very risky since may the surgery go the wrong one can even have erection
Another technique though it has not been proven safe is by grafting tissue onto the side of the penis.

6. Magnifying lenses

To those with penis enlargement obsession and have tried almost every method and you have seen no progress then these are the last method you should try.
Putting on magnifying lenses may not help your partner but will help you view your penis in a more larger size.
If your sex life is one of the reasons for you to decide to take all these processes its always advisable to first talk with your partner.

Flat Earth: Real or an Internet Meme?

In today’s world, our scientific discoveries are at a peak. We know more now than we ever did and have been discovering answers to questions we didn’t know
we had. So, with all of these amazing and new discoveries, people being less open to these possibilities isn’t a surprise. Many don’t like a change to happen, even
if said change doesn’t really change the way they live their life. An example is how upset people got when NASA declared that Pluto was no longer a planet. So
many people took to the internet when this happened in 2006, and that made sense because for as long as these Pluto fanatics were alive, the space rock was
considered a planet.

In 2018, we have another conspiracy with space that has been discussed since Pythagoras in 500 B.C. Ancient Greece. That’s how long people have struggled
with the idea of a spherical Earth. As I said previously, we are at the peak of scientific discoveries and have had people in space. There are photographs of the
Earth that proves it to be round. We are in the 21st century and people still think the world is flat.

It’s so crazy to think that there are people who still try to discredit NASA, a heavily funded organization ran by literal rocket scientists. Flat-Earthers, as they are
known, take to the internet with Facebook pages and Twitter rants trying to make their case to others who don’t care and laugh at their idiotic posts. With almost
nothing to really back them up beside out-dated discoveries. And by “out-dated”, I mean several hundred years out-dated. I can’t tell if they’re better or worse
than anti-vaxxers, whose only real claim was a study with results since proven to be fake. At least the Flat-Earthers aren’t putting others at risk with their

Average people can’t really change these believers minds and there really isn’t any harm in their beliefs. It’s just so strange to think that even though theories
that were proven false in ancient Greece, there are people who will still believe them. I’ve tried to get inside the minds of Flat-Earthers to really see where
they’re coming from and why such a crazy ideal would make any sense to them and the only real reason I could come up with was a distrust in the government.
NASA, which is where many of the photographs of Earth proving that is indeed round, is a government-funded organization. Th entire idea of people not
wanting to believe a simple, largely accepted fact for the sole purpose to distrust the government is crazy, but I don’t want to get political.

Some Flat-Earthers may just be playing along with the ideas of true believers of the theory for a laugh or pretending to be one for a few seconds of online
popularity, but there are still countless other believers who will argue their side until everyone agrees with them. It’s a strange world we live in and maybe the
strangeness is what makes our world livable.

Philippine President refers to God as “Stupid”, causes Stir to Catholics

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines made a huge controversy recently as he called God “stupid”, and a much sensitive and appalling phrase, “Son of a Bitch”.

It was all over the news, both in the Philippines and around the world. Duterte made a speech in front of the Filipino citizens mocking the Catholic church’s teachings and beliefs.

The President asked the people about their “stupid God”. He even added the phrase “Son of a Bitch”, and questioned the Bible, Catholic beliefs, creation and a lot more.

The Philippines is a nation with a big Catholic population. The statement that the President disheartened a lot of his constituents. The Catholic church was dismayed and made a statement to the public regarding the issue.

. Philippine Archbishop Socrates Villegas faced the media and have spoken on behalf of the Catholic church. He mentioned the Clery’s dismay and disappointed over Duterte’s words. He expressed his sentiments about the president’s insulting remarks against God. Bishop Arturo Bastes called Duterte a “psychopath” and “psychological freak” and does not deserve the highest position in the country.

Since the Philippines’ Catholic population is 80%, more tirades, criticism and negative feedbacks bombarded Duterte. Some even called him “the antichrist.” It is really alarming to hear the statement that the president has thrown upon God. But this is not the first time that he made such nasty words in public.

In 2015, Pope Francis visited the Philippines and caused traffic jams on main streets. President Duterte then called the Pope “Son of a bitch” and wanted him to “go home’ and never return to the country again.

Another incident happened in 2016 when he called the Philippine Catholic Bishops “sons of whores” when the bishops disapprove of his campaign.

That same year, it will also be recalled that Duterte talked to the press and left a message for then US President Obama that he should “go to hell”.

The outspoken and tactless Philippine President was known internationally as a drug-busting leader. He made orders to capture and kill drug pushers all over the nation. This governance makes sense though, as to eradicate drugs and its negative effects on people, but the Catholic church openly opposes to the killings, and this is the reason why Duterte and the church have this ongoing feud. The church questions the extrajudicial killings of a thousand people, and Duterte was firm on his decision to go on with it, since he said, his order is to execute criminals and drug sellers, and not take innocent lives.

But Duterte’s latest tirade, this time, against God, is too much. He can curse the clergy, the world leaders, and even the church. But this act against God, this is unacceptable. Whoever is reading this, no matter what religion you are, you might agree that publicly denouncing God is
a deviant and a peculiar act. Outraged Filipinos posted their sentiments in their social media accounts. On Facebook, the quotation, “My God is not Stupid”, was seen everywhere. Users posted this to dishonor the president’s statements.

World Political News

In today’s world, everything is changing its color and status consistently and, politics is one such field which is changing in each second. Also, if politics is
changing each second, it becomes necessary for individuals to be updated about it every moment.

Just like interpreting, translation is a complicated procedure. In any case, the way that you can speak the language does not mean you can translate something
skillfully. There are a lot of sectors in the world that had been lost in interpretation. Becoming lost in translation can be dangerous and may cause a lot of

Some examples of getting lost in interpretation pulled down the credibility and the excellent image of a political leader. Regularly, being lost in translation
about the politics happens during an election or a political campaign. Lines or speeches of politicians are regularly lost in translation. However, those speeches
are funny, and some are incredibly humiliating.

One of the funny cases about politicians who were lost in interpretation was to do with French political leader Rachida Dati who made a speech on the radio,
yet her statement was full of criticism. Sadly, she seemed to be confused between oral sex and inflation and used the word fellatio rather than inflation. The
former justice minister apologized on her Facebook account immediately after the comical incident.

The Italian leader, Silvio Berlusconi lost his face when he presented a cumbersome and funny translation about his ministries’ biographies. The interpretation of
the biographies was posted on government site. However, Berlusconi portrayed his spokesperson as an ”megaphone”, one of his ministries as a graduate of the
University of ”Mouthfuls”, and a professor as a ”walnut”. Furthermore, he described his community political minister as having ”graduated himself”, and
through the assistance of Prof Augusto of the ”walnut”. Walnut is the literal interpretation of the name of their professor called Prof Augusto Della Noce.
Sarah Palin Mania. The former Vice-President candidate has become the most visible Republican in the nation. Since 2009, Sarah Palin has refined her ability
to create media attention and popularity and has become impressive political clout. She made headline both positively and negatively and comes just second to
Obama for being the most followed American government official today.

In the United States, they have this idea for businesspeople and government official to decide first the culture and custom of their visitors to avoid
uncomfortable scenes, critics, and issues. Once the Indonesian Information Minister found it was embarrassing when the U.S first lady shook his hand. In
Muslim custom, men are prohibited from touching any lady, regardless of whether it is merely shaking their hands, who are not relatives. Moreover, the video
caused criticism in Muslim countries especially because the minister was seen in the video, smiling sweetly after shaking the hand of the U.S first lady. Also,
one U.S writer posted something on the label of the video along the lines of ”the cutest political sex scandal ever.”

News that has a connection with politics is without a doubt an indispensable resource for the spread of political thoughts. It plays an important role as far as it is